Grocery Store Video Surveillance Systems Protect Profitability

Grocery stores exist in a competitive landscape that cuts into already fairly narrow margins. Profitability not only relies on sales and marketing but the protection of assets, safety, accident and incident verification and more. CCTV and video surveillance technologies can be vital tools in achieving those goals, and many others.

An expertly designed video surveillance system is much more than the implementation of technology. It is also the science behind placement which allows the users to leverage the right data at the right time. The right system can help in far more that protecting assets.

Here are some reasons why video surveillance and CCTV should be part of every grocery store security strategy.

  • Just having visible security cameras deters crime as perpetrators of crime do not want to be seen or have their crime captured on video.
  • Video camera and CCTV can be used to help visually cover the floor in late hours when the store is open but staff is reduced.
  • Real-time viewing can provide marketing information such as the popularity of items and displays.
  • Grocery store owners can use video surveillance to evaluate dwell times and traffic patterns and adjust the floorplan and displays to better accommodate shoppers.
  • Video cameras and CCTV can help prevent loss due to internal and external theft.
  • In the case of accident or injury, video surveillance footage can confirm the details of the event and help in legal or insurance issues.
  • Having the right video footage can monitor all cash register activities such as the change out of cash drawers, countdowns, and all other monetary transactions.
  • Video surveillance footage can also help owners and managers analyze employee and customer relationships.
  • The backbone of any business is customer service. Video surveillance can provide a better understanding of what your business does right or where it can improve.
  • Visible security technologies provide an overall culture of security.
  • Customers feel safer when video surveillance technologies are employed.
  • In an emergency, video surveillance and CCTV can provide a real-time view of events to authorities and emergency personnel.
  • Having security technologies in place helps improve employee practices and productivity.

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Why A Lack of Security Can Be A Big Problem For Retail

If you are a business owner having adequate security is more than just a good idea. Property owners are lawfully required to provide guests with adequate security, and a lack of it that leads to an assault or injury can lead to a premises liability lawsuit.

The Law Requires Proper Security For Retail Operations

The law, which covers instances of lack of security as well as improper and negligent security,  requires all property owners maintain a reasonably safe environment which includes keeping visitors safe from outsiders, even in parking lots.

Here are some examples inadequate or negligent security.

  • A woman is assaulted in a dark and unprotected area of a parking lot
  • A man is badly beaten by a burglar when he enters a hotel room easily due to failing locks and lack of security
  • A man is badly beaten in a parking lot in an area known for gang activity

A Recent Example of the Importance of Restaurant Security

Sometimes the seriousness of a threat only becomes real when we can relate to it personally. Recently, a Texas jury awarded parent of two local college students $27 million when McDonald’s was found liable for failing to provide adequate security in their parking lot. One teen, Denton ward, was attacked and killed by a mob in the parking lot and his friend, Lauren Crisp, was killed in a car crash trying to take Ward to the hospital. Lawyers for the victims’ families argued that McDonald’s failed to employ a security guard or install surveillance equipment even though the area was known for fights.

Evaluating Security Needs

The McDonald’s lawsuit and others like it provide a wake-up call for all public facilities to re-evaluate their current security solutions. Here are some solutions to consider implementing, if you have not already.

  • Monitored security systems
  • Access control systems
  • Panic buttons
  • Visible security presence
  • Warning signs
  • Security risk assessments

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