Building a Culture of Security in Retail

There are some important reasons why every retail business should consider improving their security posture. Retail establishments face huge security challenges today in ensuring the safety of their employees and customers, as well as in preventing loss and fraud. Retail environments are complex and include variables which make it difficult to protect their interests without building a business wide culture of security.

Security is much more than having video surveillance and cctv, access control and perimeter alarms. Here are some practical approaches to promoting a culture of security.

Develop Clear Processes and Procedures

Every job includes various processes and procedures. With in these procedures are opportunities to enforce security or cause lapses in security. Develop clear procedures for everything from when doors should be opened and who has access to certain areas, to POI procedures and make these guidelines available and enforced.

Implement Commercial Security Systems

Every commercial and retail business needs some form of electronic security. The needs may include such solutions as video surveillance, asset protection, or access control. Electronic security helps build and enforce the culture of security, as well as helps employees and customers feel secure.

Educate Employees on Safe Practices

Employees may indirectly or unintentionally create risk when they are either uninformed or misinformed about safety practices. Create a uniformed code of conduct so every member of the team has a ready reference of safety expectations.

Provide Safety Training for New Hires, Too

The vast majority of employees want to do the right thing so knowing what is right from the beginning sets the stage for success. Training that encompasses every aspect of daily operations helps to contribute to an organization’s safety culture.

Champion the Cause

Build a safety program which involves everyone from the top down and includes every aspect of your business from protecting customer information to preventing loss. When rules apply to and are abided by everyone at every level of management and throughout the organization, safety practices become part of the fabric of the business.

Conduct Regular Reviews

Once you have a blueprint for your security plan, conduct regular reviews of compliance and effectiveness. Conduct collaborative meetings with department heads to identify any problems and find solutions.

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CCTV is Better than Batman in QSR Security

No offense to the Caped Crusader, but when it comes to crime prevention in fast food restaurants, nothing holds a candle to the power of video surveillance and CCTV. Fast food restaurants face some unique challenges that make them a target for crime and require having an all seeing set of eyes watching at all times, and even the Dark Knight can’t do that.

Fast Food Security Challenges are Unique

There are several things that make fast food chains highly susceptible to crime. Unlike most businesses, fast food chains generally have a younger set of employees less concerned about safety, a higher turnover rate, a constant flow of customers diverting attention, and cash on hand. All of these things are very attractive to criminals looking for an easy target.

Benefits of Monitored Fast Food Chain Surveillance

A professionally installed and monitored video surveillance and CCTV can help keep your customers, employees, building, and business safe. Here’s how.

  • Theft Prevention- Overtly and strategically placed video surveillance systems have been shown to reduce theft. Cameras placed in the backend or at point of sale can reduce employee theft as well as outside theft.
  • Protection- cameras and cctv also helps protect your employees and customers from violent crime. Those considering perpetrating a violent crime are much less likely to carry out a crime if there is a threat of being identified and caught.
  • Reduces Incidents of Vandalism- Vandalism is common and costly. With cameras placed prominently around the property, vandals will be caught if they attempt to harm your building.
  • Quality Control- With cameras in place, business owners can ensure that employees meet all codes and standards.
  • Maintain Customer Service- Employers can view the daily working of the business remotely to get a better idea of how they perform in customer service.
  • Prevent Loitering- Outdoor cameras deter loitering which ultimately deters crime.
  • Gives a view of Customers- video surveillance cameras placed at doors and at the drive-through can provide a clear view of every customer.

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