Why Every Business Needs An Access Control System

Security has been a growing concern for businesses in different industries, from mom-and-pop shops to large corporations. Making sure that people, equipment and information remain safe is a priority. High quality security access systems can help you to keep outside intruders from gaining access to rooms and buildings with valuable office devices and confidential information.

Easier Access

In the past, many businesses used lock-and-key access systems. While this type of system can work for business with only a handful of employees, it usually isn’t effective for companies with larger work forces. Employee keys can get misplaced or fall into the wrong hands, and companies have to spend money either replacing the keys or all of their locks. Another potential problem with this type of system is that within most companies, only people in positions of power receive keys. If they do not come into work one day, lower-level employees may not have access to buildings. Access control systems automate the whole process. With these types of systems, employees use badges with embedded wireless technologies or punch-in codes to gain access to the building or certain spaces. These systems allow businesses to control who can access buildings or rooms at all times or on certain days and times. They are also more user-friendly for employees at all levels, who may need to have access in and out of buildings after their supervisors leave for the day.

Audit Trail

With access control systems, companies can keep track of who is entering and leaving buildings. This information can be valuable to business owners or managers if a potential issue, such as stolen office supplies or data breach, occurs on a specific day or time. Using the security systems, they can find out who was inside buildings or rooms when the issues arose. These systems can also help managers if they have potential disputes with employees over their weekly hours. The devices allow them to know the exact time of day employees entered and left the building.

Emergency Lock down

Emergency situations can happen at work, and sometimes, companies need to have emergency lock downs. Access control systems can make emergency situations much easier to handle. Using the devices, those in charge can restrict who enters and leaves a building. They also can use the systems to account for all of their employees during emergency situations. S-TRON Security is committed to your business’ security and we have solutions for small businesses to large enterprises. Contact us today to find out how we can help you secure your business with an access control system.

Retail Theft On the Rise, But So Is Apprehension

If you ever had any question about the value of video surveillance and cctv in retail business, your questions have been answered. According to the 28th annual Jack L. Hayes International Retail Theft Survey, 30% of survey participants reported an increase in shrink in 2015. The good news is that apprehension has also increased steadily over the last decade.

Retail Theft is a Huge Problem

Studies show that retail theft by both shoplifters and employees continues to plague the retail industry and according to the most recent compiled data, resulting in $32 billion lost in 2014 alone. Even more shocking, up to 47% of the loss is due to employee theft.

Apprehension Rates Are Up

While the problem of theft is not going away, the good news is that apprehension of shoplifters and dishonest employees has gone up 9 out of the last ten years. In 2015, 1,170,056 shoplifters were apprehended, up 2% from 2014.

Video Surveillance and CCTV Plays an Important Role in Loss Prevention

In any retail business, video surveillance and cctv systems play a critical role in theft prevention. Here are three important ways a sophisticated video surveillance and cctv system provides layers of protection against retail theft.

Visual Deterrence

Visible video surveillance systems are a strong deterrence against theft because thieves do not want to get caught. If there is overt surveillance the assumption is that there are also covert cameras as well as other security measures in place.

Mobile Access

Mobile video access allows retail store owners to check in on the daily operations of the business or be notified when prohibited areas are accessed.

Business Insights

Having a clear physical view of the store can provide valuable information about how theft is happening which provides a clear direction on how to correct the problem.

S-Tron Security is a national security systems integrator with local, professional service and installation. Our clients include national grocery store, c-store, and retail store franchises.

Selecting the Right Restaurant Security System Doesn’t Have to be Hard

If there is one thing that is nearly the same across all restaurants, it is that selecting the right security system is a lot more complex than they had anticipated. But, with the right information and careful consideration, your security system can be perfectly fit to meet the needs of your business.

Ground Up Considerations

If you are building a restaurant from the ground up, you have some unique opportunities to plan ahead for your security system and its needs. Include your security system company in on the design stage so your contractor knows to allow access for additional wiring for your system. You can also make plans in your design for optimal camera placement, even prior to the interior design stage.

Your Concept Has Unique Needs

Knowing how criminals perceive your concept can help you and your security company meet your needs. High-volume bars and restaurants are perceived to be easy targets at closing time, and are desirable targets because they usually have fewer windows and less visibility. However, fast food restaurants, while having more windows, are believed to have more cash than full-service restaurants which tend to have more credit card sales. These factors play a part in the number and placement of cameras.

Size and Layout Matter, Too

The more area there is to cover, the more your security needs increase. Talk to your security company about how the space will be divided and used, what exits are for the public versus ones used by staff, and any design features that may obstruct view from different parts of the establishment.

How Many Registers or Checkout Areas Will You Have?

The greater number of registers your establishment has the greater opportunity for loss. The number and placement of cameras can greatly decrease the incidence of fraud and theft.

Prep and Storage Areas

Video surveillance, as well as other security technologies, are essential in food prep and storage areas to ensure proper food handling as well as reduce shrinkage.

Deliveries, Vendors, and Service Providers

Every restaurant deals with providing access to deliveries and outside services such as janitorial, maintenance, and pest control. Areas of access all need to be covered by security cameras. If deliveries happen at off hours, there may also be a need to view the feed remotely.

Type and Location of Building

Your cctv and video surveillance technician will factor in many elements when suggesting what would be most suited to your building. The amount of lighting, whether the building is free-standing, multi-level, or in a strip mall will all play an important role in the types of equipment that will be used.

S-TRON understands the needs of the hospitality and restaurant market and delivers solutions that will alleviate ongoing challenges. Intelligent CCTV increases safety, protects profitability, and provides managers and owners greater oversight while protecting the vision they have for the business. Have questions? Call us. We are happy to provide the information you need.

Top Practical Applications for Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance technologies allow business owners to view real-time footage right from their computer or smartphone. Aside from the obvious cool factor, there are some really helpful and practical applications for video surveillance.

Here are the top most practical applications for video surveillance.

More than half of all businesses use video surveillance in the workplace. Here are some of the most beneficial and practical applications of video surveillance in the workplace.

  1. Having video surveillance reduces the incidence of shoplifting.
  2. Internal theft is also reduced when the facility is covered by a video surveillance system.
  3. Employee productivity goes up knowing that the boss can check in at any time.
  4. Employee performance also improves when they know they are under the watchful eye of management.
  5. Customer service is greatly improved when customer points of contact are monitored.
  6. It allows business owners to manage situations from afar.
  7. Video surveillance provides valuable business insights such as flow and linger times.
  8. It prevents POI theft.
  9. Video surveillance helps verify incident of employee injury.
  10. Having video footage is also helpful in verifying accounts of customer injury and establishing the validity of events.
  11. By using video surveillance, you can identify safety hazards in real time, from anywhere, and have them corrected before accident or injuries happen.
  12. Insights gained through monitoring video footage can help in developing improved employee practices.
  13. Always having a watchful eye can help protect sensitive information relating to your business.
  14. Having better business insights can lead to improved practices in every facet of the business.
  15. A visible video surveillance system can reduce incidents of workplace violence.

In the last decade, new technologies have allowed greater connection to and insights about the workplace. S-Tron’s suite of innovative video surveillance products yields critical reporting metrics that provide safety, security, and marketing data in one solution. If you are interested in custom solutions, please call S-Tron today.