3 Critical Security Systems and Tools Every Campus Needs

School campus safety is critical for parents, staff, and students. When it comes to college campus safety, many parents look for safe universities to send their child to.  A secure environment is high on the must-have list for students and parents. Each school campus is unique and faces different security challenges but there are several tools and systems every school needs.

1.      Safety Escorts

Security escorts help students and faculty feel safe after dark or when they feel insecure walking long distances across campus when less people are around. Faculty and students can call college security or police for an escort to their car or other location on campus 24/7. This service is important and let’s people who travel the campus daily know that they have a safe alternative for traveling around campus in unsafe conditions. It also reduces the amount of robberies, assaults, and other crimes on campus.

2.      24/7 Campus Police or Security

Even the smallest college campus should have around the clock security guards and/or police officers on duty. It means that there are patrols across campus 24/7 and the presence of security and law enforcement deters criminals.

Crime happens all times of day and having a campus officer on duty 24/7 reduces law enforcement’s response time to calls for service. If an emergency happens and no campus officer or security guard is on duty, then off campus officers must respond and then turn the case over to college police when they come back on duty. Response times will be longer, and students, staff, and faculty may not feel as safe with no close security personnel present.

3.      Blue Light Emergency Phone Systems and Alarms

After Jeanne Clery, a 19 year old college student was raped and murdered on the Lehigh University campus, the Clery Act of 1990 was enacted. The act requires all universities and colleges that get federal funding share information on campus crimes and how they plan to make their campus safer. They also must inform the public of all crimes on and near campus.

To make colleges safer, campuses started installing blue light emergency systems. The blue light systems have a call button that routes anyone who pushes it directly to the college police or security department. Simply pushing that button activates a two-way call with campus or local police and officers are automatically dispatched even if dispatch doesn’t hear anyone on the line.

These are just a few systems and tools that every school campus needs. Other important security systems include access control, mass notification emergency alerts, and more. To learn more about the important security systems and tools that every campus needs contact your security integrator.


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Tina Dunn
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