5 Ways Electronic Security Improves the Restaurant Experience

Restaurants face huge challenges in security. A constantly changing customer base, frequent employee turnover, and theft are just a few of the elements that add to the security risk within the restaurant industry. Fortunately, technology has provided a way to solve many of these problems and more. More than just a way to deter crime when an establishment is closed, electronic security solutions for the hospitality industry help the industry address other very serious problems and improve the restaurant experience.

Combating Shrinkage

To maintain a menu cost of between 25 and 35 percent above wholesale, restaurant owners and chefs closely monitor the cost of raw products used to create their plates. Shrinkage, or the the loss of inventory due to theft, waste, and deterioration represents a significant loss to most restaurants. Electronic security allows restaurant owners to vigilantly monitor their product supply to maintain profitability.

Food Handling Violations

Both critical and non critical food handling violations can jeopardize the safety of the food and the success of the establishment. Electronic security can provide the best overview of employees and whether or not best practices are being observed at all times. This can afford the owner the ability to make changes such as implement more training to improve food handling practices and remain in compliance.

Liquor Over Pours

Over pouring to encourage tips is a common practice in many restaurants, and a costly one. Having complete oversight discourages over pour and increases profitability.

Unauthorized Freebies

Unfortunately, many employees want to treat friends and family on the house. The problem is that if it is unauthorized, things can quickly get out of hand. When an establishment starts to see such loss, the installation of a security system can deter practices that are detrimental to the business.

Slip and Fall Liabilities

Electronic security and surveillance can be a critical component in verifying facts in the cases of slip and fall injuries. This can eliminate incidents of fraud and protect the business.

Electronic security systems can be completely tailored to the size, configuration, and needs of any restaurant. S-Tron specializes in integrated, custom designed systems that keep establishments, healthy, safe, and profitable.


Tina Dunn
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