7 Benefits of Restaurant Security Cameras

Restaurants make for very successful businesses, but with that success comes plenty of opportunity for crime. Some of those may come to mind immediately, like employee theft. Others may not be as obvious. There are many ways for employees, customers, and even intruders to commit crimes, however, and restaurant security cameras have a very important role in preventing them.

Restaurants Face Unique Security Challenges

Restaurants face a large range of security challenges on a daily basis, such as a high employee turnover rates, a constantly changing customer base, theft, and more. Restaurant security camera and CCTV systems can help reduce the losses commonly associated with owning and running a restaurant.

Top Advantages of Restaurant Security Cameras

Hospitality establishments make up the largest segment of the retail industry and because of this, a run a greater risk of crime and loss. It is easy to assume that security cameras will enhance safety, but there are many additional benefits for the hospitality and restaurant industry. Here are the top advantages of implementing a security camera system in your restaurant establishment.

1 Prevent Employee Theft of Product

Theft of product can happen in countless creative ways, and it is nearly impossible to spot all of it in the moment. Security cameras can deter theft, but also allow you the information you need to spot it and correct the problem. Employees are less likely to steal and you are more likely to catch it if they do.

2  Reduce Fraudulent Lawsuits

Restaurants are also a frequent target of false injury claims because they are busy and setting the scene with spills is fairly easy. A professionally installed security camera system will cover areas of vulnerability, while crisp HD camera images will make sure that your evidence stands up in court.

3 Prevent Overpouring

It can be tempting to overpour when doing so can result in higher tips. The best way to combat this problem is by always having an eye on the tables and bar.

4 Aiding In Customer Disputes

Fights are common in crowded restaurants, especially ones with bars. Restaurant security cameras can help reduce fights, and in the event of violence, help police identify the responsible parties.

5 Curb Sexual Harassment Issues

The number of sexual harassment claims reported to the Equal Opportunity Commission has reached nearly 10,00 cases annually, the number of events are likely much higher. The monetary benefits paid each year as a result of sexual harassment claims is in excess of $43 million. In addition to being motivated by a concern for the wellbeing of employees, using surveillance cameras can help curb the incidence, and provide evidence so you can formulate a response.

6  Boost Productivity

Studies show that security cameras in the workplace can help boost productivity significantly. Not  only does it motivate employees, it means management can spend less time monitoring and more time doing other more beneficial tasks.

7 Reduce Workplace Violence

In 2011, 17 percent of fatal work injuries were the result of  workplace violence. That’s about 780 fatal work injuries a year. Surveillance in the workplace discourages acts of violence and aids law enforcement in solving crime.

There are many considerations around implementing restaurant security cameras. S-Tron is expert in deploying a variety of tool and technologies to help secure the restaurant industry.


Tina Dunn
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