Access Control Solutions

S-TRON’s engineers design and install custom access control systems to fit the needs of your retail facility, no matter where it’s located. Hosted and managed services let you control the system, updates, badging and other requirements, or hand that off completely to the care of our experts.

The Security You Need, However You Need It

Each system is tailored to specific security needs. For sensitive information locations or those areas where an even tighter level of security is required, S-TRON can deploy the latest, high-security biometrics, like fingerprint or hand geometry technologies as well as others. Access control data can also integrate with human resources and personnel department functions for employee time and attendance and accountability.

Security starts at the perimeter of your business with access control to restrict entrance or exit:

  • Proximity (touchless)
  • Biometrics
  • Remote smartphone control
  • All accessibility, at every level

Integrated Security & Management Systems

Integrated with S-TRON’s CCTV and video surveillance, access control provides detailed data and triggers live and recorded video on who entered the business, when, and other specific tracking within the facility, off site, or in warehouses and inventory locations. Tied to other intelligent devices, such as occupancy sensors or temperature detectors, access control provides maximum value in a fully integrated solution.

Whether the focus is on tighter cash or inventory controls, theft detection and deterrence, improved labor management, enterprise management, avoiding HR challenges, or enhancing the overall retail experience, S-TRON’s access control and integrated solutions positively impact retail operations and provide managers and owners with insights and intelligence.

Providing Best In Class Security To Retail Operations Across The USA

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