Remote Managed Services

An Introduction To Remote Managed Services

Cloud-managed video surveillance offers reliability and performance to businesses, thus increasing flexibility and saving time while providing a more secure video surveillance solution. It’s the future of surveillance and gives you a larger ROI.

OpenEye Web Services (OWS) collaborate with S-TRON Security Electronics to offer an excellent remote managed security solution that can be customized to fit the needs of your organization.

Manage Your Video Surveillance with Ease

Remote managed services make it easier to manage and find your video surveillance. The most recent updates to OpenEye include new remote client security settings, video clip export tools, new integrations, and interactive maps. This platform integrates with DMP XT and XR panels for verification of access events and alarms by video.

Improved Smart Business Solutions

OpenEye gives you actionable data to increase your profits and propel your business. Remote online video management enhances operational efficiency and increases value throughout your entire business by:

  • Reducing Your IT Department’s Workload– There’s no software to install on PC’s and the system includes automated networking tools. Built-in PoE appliances separate your camera network and eliminates the need for your IT department to manage the camera system.
  • Simplify User Management– The OWS platform streamlines the management of user permissions with role-based user groups in a central location in your OWS portal. Changes are instant as they’re pushed immediately to all your devices and users.
  • Streamline Remote Connectivity– Changing information in OWS is easy. Edit or add recorder permissions from anywhere while instantly updating your network’s hardware.
  • Accelerate Video Sharing and Export– Backing up and sharing video in the platform is simple. You can export a video that’s password protected to the cloud with just a couple clicks. OWS enables you to share critical video footage with local authorities and system administrators.
  • Avoid System Downtime– OWS has a built-in health monitoring service that is proactive in addressing possible issues such as storage levels that have exceeded the limit and hard drive failures. If the service detects an issue, you’ll receive an alert via email or text. Early warning and notifications significantly reduce any system downtime. 

OpenEye Web Services protect your data and works well with many software and hardware offerings from some of the security industry’s leading manufacturers. The system is scalable so that it grows with you as your business evolves. To learn more about how OWS can help your business contact S-TRON Security Electronics.


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