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Grocery Store Video Surveillance Systems Protect Profitability

Grocery stores exist in a competitive landscape that cuts into already fairly narrow margins. Profitability not only relies on sales and marketing but the protection of assets, safety, accident and incident verification and more. CCTV and video surveillance technologies can be vital tools in achieving those goals, and many others. An expertly designed video surveillance […]

5 Ways Electronic Security Improves the Restaurant Experience

Restaurants face huge challenges in security. A constantly changing customer base, frequent employee turnover, and theft are just a few of the elements that add to the security risk within the restaurant industry. Fortunately, technology has provided a way to solve many of these problems and more. More than just a way to deter crime […]

Retail Security Solutions: A Laser Focus on Safety

Retail establishments have become a target of violence like never before, and businesses are responding with increasing levels of security solutions. In order to adapt to the changing security climate, theses methods must involve a laser focus on the integration of the most appropriate security solutions, advanced technologies, and unparalleled customer service. The Changing Face […]

S-TRON’s Military Leadership – “Failure Is Not an Option”

At S-TRON, military leadership has been found to not only bring success but also create an atmosphere of true partnership with customers across the country. MELVILLE, NEW YORK – S-TRON, one of the nation’s leading full-service security providers to national retailers, has intentionally based its business model on military leadership qualities since the beginning.  This leadership […]

S-TRON’s Service Department Exceeds 50% Military Veteran Status

Sighting the familiar mantra “Failure is NOT an Option”, it only seems logical that the New York based firm S-TRON announces that over 50% of its service and installation managers are military veterans. MELVILLE, NEW YORK – S-TRON, one of the nation’s leading full-service security providers to national retailers is pleased to announce the launch of […]