Why Your Business Should Not Settle for One-Size-Fits-All Security

Every business is vulnerable to crime, but not every business is vulnerable in the same way. This is a huge concern for business owners, and often discovered after experiencing theft or other crime events. As a business owner, we understand your time is pressed from all sides and we want to honor that by providing the specific security information you need as concisely as possible, especially when providing information about the risks of one-size-fits-all security.

The Stats

Every business is vulnerable to crime, and one of the top crimes is theft. In 2013, there was an estimated 345,031 robberies nationwide. Most of those incidents involved forced entry. While that statistic is a stark picture of business vulnerability, it is also very general in nature. Each of those crimes was unique and faced by different industries with different needs and vulnerabilities.

Unique Risks

Every business faces unique risks based on such things as location, building size, daily activities, number of employees, and type of industry. The daily operation of your business also presents unique risks such as losing cash or theft of inventory, and involve threats from both inside and outside the business. For example, a restaurant may face significant point of sale loss, while a grocery store might be particularly vulnerable to inventory loss. Convenience stores may have increased safety needs.

Owners Also Have Unique Needs

Owners of multiple businesses may need remote monitoring to keep an eye on things while on the go, while an owner of a single convenience store may need to be able to see the exterior as well as inside the property. The business may also need levels of access to help control products or information.

Seek Specific Solutions

All of the many facets of your business add up to a very specific and complex security picture that cannot be addressed well unless they are addressed specifically and individually. To do this, you must find professionals who are expert at identifying your risks and highly knowledgeable about the vast amount of technical solutions.

Every business has varying security needs as well as clear security risks. S-Tron is an electronic security integrator for national and regional retail and hospitality companies and specializes in meeting the needs of the industry with systems that meet each need individually, and precisely. If you have any questions about security solutions, please call us today.

Tina Dunn
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