Prevent Loss From Petty Theft & Robbery

S-TRON provides unique and comprehensive solutions for convenience stores, especially those prone to smash and grabs, theft, robbery and burglary.

C-stores require an in-depth needs analysis based on the environment and the inside and outside characteristics of the building and location. Outdoor video surveillance specially housed in environmental enclosures that can withstand the elements, is paired with the latest comprehensive managed services, including back up and off-site storage redundancy in the event of a crime or liability claim. High-resolution video captures incidents and stores images efficiently with special compression algorithms, so all the details can be accessed with strikingly sharp detail.

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Stop Scanner Fraud

Examples of employee-caused shrink include:

  • Barcode scan not registering
  • Unauthorized discounts by an employee to friends and customers
  • Making up fraudulent returns
  • And fraudulent manual entering of making a no-sale in which the cashier opens the cash counter without registering a sale and pocketing the cash.

Installing the ScanCam device will have an immediate effect on the scanning behavior for employees, which will improve efficiency and honesty. ScanCam is a proven to solution for significantly reducing the time to review and confirm positive bar code scans on video.

Boost Security With Video Intelligence

Eliminate threats to safety:

  • Robbery, theft, vandalism and shoplifting

Video surveillance and duress or hold-up buttons and activating devices, tied to two-way audio for an added safety measure, keep acts of violence in check and store employees safer, thanks to technology. IP networked systems provide tangible business tools, analytics and other intelligence retailers can use to find out not only when/where and by whom losses are occurring, but also, the systems enable them to gather marketing information that can be used to improve their bottom line.

S-TRON’s solutions are not one size fits all. Each location, user and characteristics are painstakingly researched to identify and address vulnerable areas with integrated intrusion detection and alarms, video, access control and even temperature and critical monitoring sensors for coolers or freezers packed with expensive products.

S-TRON is your loss prevention consultant and expert, providing managed video-based business intelligence, video analytics, hosted, secure video storage and advanced intelligence consultative services.

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