With our continued focus on providing products that fit our customers needs, we have evaluated many new and legacy Temperature Detection solutions. We have compiled our findings allowing for a very efficient way to move through your decision making process.

With the consideration of added screening and safety measures, we are aggressively searching for ways to allow folks to safely return to work.



Our one page offering includes many options that allow for a quick, high level review with the ability to immediately dive deeply into all of the specifications.

  • Application- Manned, unmanned, monitored, alerting, access, etc.
  • Pricing- Product, Installation, Monitoring, Professional Services
  • Availability- Changing daily but averaging 2-3 weeks from date of order
  • Scanning distance- Generally 1-20 foot applications exist
  • Accuracy – .5-1 degree Fahrenheit
  • Integrations- VMS, Access/Entrance Control, Time, etc.
  • Reporting- Standalone, Dashboard, Integration, etc.
  • Manufacturer- Full disclosure of actual assembly and operating specifications
  • Country of origin- USA, Germany, Sweden, Spain, China


As we have been asked to put this offering at the forefront, we are completing our “TOUCHLESS” and “ANTI-MICROBIAL” offering incorporating Electronic and Mechanical product and software. With our world-class manufacturers and high performance field team, we are able to offer an integrated Temperature Detecting, Touchless and Unmanned Entrance and Access Solution.



S-TRON is a National Electronic Security Solution Provider focused on exceeding customer expectations. With a constant evolving offering, we provide new and creative solutions and technologies to meet our customer ever changing challenges.

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An Introduction To Remote Managed Services

Cloud-managed video surveillance offers reliability and performance to businesses, thus increasing flexibility and saving time while providing a more secure video surveillance solution. It’s the future of surveillance and gives you a larger ROI.

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Need Biometric & RFID-based Access Control? S-TRON Has You Covered.

S-TRON, A Veteran Owned National Electronic Security Solution Provider, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with ZKTeco USA, a leading global provider of advanced Biometric & RFID-based Access Control systems comprised of a variety of Panels, Readers, Walkthrough Metal Detectors, Turnstiles, X-Ray Baggage Scanners and Visitor Authentication & Management software.

With the ever-increasing need for people and asset protection within our current and prospective customer base, S-TRON has chosen ZKTeco USA above all other vendors based on their advanced security technology, reliable support and the seamless integration within their comprehensive product line.

What Does This Mean For You?

Subsequent to S-TRON completing ZKTeco USA’s stringent certification program, S-TRON has since successfully installed several entrance control projects with both existing and new customers. If your enterprise requires advanced Bio-metric & RFID-based Access Control systems comprised of a variety of Panels, Readers, Walk through Metal Detectors, Turnstiles, X-Ray Baggage Scanners and Visitor Authentication & Management software, then S-TRON has the solution for you. 

Collectively, S-TRON and ZKTeco USA are excited to share our standalone and fully integrated entrance control solutions with those interested in improving people and asset protection on a single or nation-wide level.

About S-TRON:

Established in 1995 and headquartered in Melville, NY, S-TRON remains focused on providing our customers best-in-class solutions that meet their needs. With nation-wide installation, service, maintenance & support, S-TRON is capable of supporting all our customers’ electronic security needs and show strength in providing a “GOOD BETTER BEST” offering. In addition to the company’s focus on technology & service, S-TRON is dedicated to supporting our US Military Veterans. As a Certified Veteran-Owned Business, S-TRON is constantly growing all departments preferably with US Military Veterans.

About ZKTeco USA

ZKTeco is a leading global provider of advanced biometric and RFID-based security solutions. Product offerings include Biometric & RFID access control panels & readers, Elevator Controllers, LPR and UHF Long-range Readers, Walkthrough Metal Detectors, Turnstiles, X-Ray Baggage scanners, Visitor Authentication & Management and biometric smart door locks. Its solutions are multi-lingual and localized in over 18 different languages. ZKTeco designs specialized products for specific markets and provides local support to all its customers. Its U.S. facility includes a large experience center and warehouse along with local sales and service support. ZKTeco is synonymous with technical innovation, quality, speed-to-market, and reliability. For more information, please visit zktecousa.com

Questions Retailers Should Ask Before Installing An Access Control System

Whether you are upgrading an existing system or installing a new one, the effectiveness of your access control system will depend greatly on the preparation you do before installation in evaluating the environment, materials and circumstance as well as knowing how you will use it in the immediate and projected future.

A professional security integrator can help you sort out your needs and explain the various access control technology options.

Avoiding Extra Cost and Headaches

As a business, you want to delegate your electronic security spend wisely and have components that are well-designed and expertly fit to your specific objectives. That requires a bit more effort than a plug-and-play system. The good news is that if you ask yourself some simple questions, you can identify your real needs and communicate them to your commercial security company and the technician. If you have trouble nailing it down, don’t worry. A professional security integrator can help you sort out your needs and explain the various access control technology options.

Top Questions to Ask Before Installing Access Control

Here are the top questions to help you find solutions that are right for your business and facility.

Why Do You Need Access Control?

  • Do you need to increase safety by controlling entrances and exits?
  • Do you need to avoid replacing keys or rekeying locks?
  • Do you have a high employee turnover rate?
  • Is it important to know who is on the premises at all times?
  • Do you need to make certain areas off limits or accessible only to some?
  • Is it important to protect products, supplies, or equipment?
  • Do you need to closely restrict or monitor access at all times?

Should Your Access Control System Include Biometrics?

  • Are there areas you need to know when it was accessed and by whom?
  • Do you need to make certain areas off limits?

Should Your System Include the Perimeter of the Property?

  • Is it important to restrict access to more than just building structure?
  • Are you wanting to prevent vandalism?
  • Do you have outdoor storage areas that need protection from theft?

Should You Have Layers of Access Control?

  • Are there other areas that need to be restricted to the public but accessible to most employees?
  • Do you need to restrict some areas to only upper level management?

What Features Will Benefit Your Business?

  • Proximity (touchless)
  • Biometrics
  • Remote smartphone control
  • Key fobs or cards
  • Keypads
  • Scalability
  • Integration with video surveillance systems
  • Tied to other smart devices such as occupancy sensors or temperature detectors

Whether the focus is on tighter cash or inventory controls, theft detection and deterrence, or improved labor management, S-TRON’s access control and integrated solutions positively impact retail operations. Contact us today for a free consultation for your retail operation.

About S-TRON

S-TRON is an electronic security integrator for national and regional retail and hospitality companies. Established in 1995, and headquartered in Melville, NY, we have served thousands of retail locations with best of class equipment installations and backed them up with our ongoing service, maintenance and support. Our brand promise is “Service excellence” and we deliver.

Why Every Business Needs An Access Control System

Security has been a growing concern for businesses in different industries, from mom-and-pop shops to large corporations. Making sure that people, equipment and information remain safe is a priority. High quality security access systems can help you to keep outside intruders from gaining access to rooms and buildings with valuable office devices and confidential information.

Easier Access

In the past, many businesses used lock-and-key access systems. While this type of system can work for business with only a handful of employees, it usually isn’t effective for companies with larger work forces. Employee keys can get misplaced or fall into the wrong hands, and companies have to spend money either replacing the keys or all of their locks. Another potential problem with this type of system is that within most companies, only people in positions of power receive keys. If they do not come into work one day, lower-level employees may not have access to buildings. Access control systems automate the whole process. With these types of systems, employees use badges with embedded wireless technologies or punch-in codes to gain access to the building or certain spaces. These systems allow businesses to control who can access buildings or rooms at all times or on certain days and times. They are also more user-friendly for employees at all levels, who may need to have access in and out of buildings after their supervisors leave for the day.

Audit Trail

With access control systems, companies can keep track of who is entering and leaving buildings. This information can be valuable to business owners or managers if a potential issue, such as stolen office supplies or data breach, occurs on a specific day or time. Using the security systems, they can find out who was inside buildings or rooms when the issues arose. These systems can also help managers if they have potential disputes with employees over their weekly hours. The devices allow them to know the exact time of day employees entered and left the building.

Emergency Lock down

Emergency situations can happen at work, and sometimes, companies need to have emergency lock downs. Access control systems can make emergency situations much easier to handle. Using the devices, those in charge can restrict who enters and leaves a building. They also can use the systems to account for all of their employees during emergency situations. S-TRON Security is committed to your business’ security and we have solutions for small businesses to large enterprises. Contact us today to find out how we can help you secure your business with an access control system.