7 Reasons Why Mobile Apps Add Power to CCTV Systems

There is no question that CCTV systems are a huge advantage to retail, restaurants, and store security. Video surveillance and CCTV systems deter crime by increasing the risk factor for would be perpetrators, increase productivity and customer service as well as many other benefits. And all of those advantages are enhanced when you add the power of a mobile app to the system.

Mobile App for CCTV Systems Increase Convenience

When it comes to your video surveillance and CCTV system, adding convenience doesn’t just mean making things simpler or faster. It means the ability to use your system to its fullest capacity.

Mobile Apps Increase Your Access Capabilities

One of the reasons you have a surveillance system is so that you can see what is going on in your business. With a mobile app, you can access the video feed from your mobile device anytime, from anywhere.

Your Mobile App Becomes a Hub of Information

Using a mobile app allows video surveillance system users or owners to use the application as a hub of information. Mobile apps provided access to all of the video information in one place and can be integrated with other security system information.

Users Have the Information with Them at All Times

Mangers, security guards, managers, and anyone needing the information can access lie video across the application anytime, anywhere without having to go to a physical central location to view video. This increases their ability to respond to events in a timely manner.

A Constant Eye Helps Decrease Loss

Whether the losses occur from within or without, knowing that the building is secured with CCTV with footage available and easily accessible decreases the likelihood of theft.

Mobile Apps Allow You to be More Than One Place at Once

Managing a facility of any size can be difficult and keeping an eye on all of the critical areas at once impossible. A mobile app allows the user to be in all of those places at once, regardless of whether they are on the premises or not.

Utilizing a Mobile App Increases Safety and Response Times

Having the ability to view video remotely means that owners can see, evaluate and the respond to a situation within moments. In an emergency, any moment saved can be critical to the safety of personnel or visitors or in protecting assets.

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Top Practical Applications for Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance technologies allow business owners to view real-time footage right from their computer or smartphone. Aside from the obvious cool factor, there are some really helpful and practical applications for video surveillance.

Here are the top most practical applications for video surveillance.

More than half of all businesses use video surveillance in the workplace. Here are some of the most beneficial and practical applications of video surveillance in the workplace.

  1. Having video surveillance reduces the incidence of shoplifting.
  2. Internal theft is also reduced when the facility is covered by a video surveillance system.
  3. Employee productivity goes up knowing that the boss can check in at any time.
  4. Employee performance also improves when they know they are under the watchful eye of management.
  5. Customer service is greatly improved when customer points of contact are monitored.
  6. It allows business owners to manage situations from afar.
  7. Video surveillance provides valuable business insights such as flow and linger times.
  8. It prevents POI theft.
  9. Video surveillance helps verify incident of employee injury.
  10. Having video footage is also helpful in verifying accounts of customer injury and establishing the validity of events.
  11. By using video surveillance, you can identify safety hazards in real time, from anywhere, and have them corrected before accident or injuries happen.
  12. Insights gained through monitoring video footage can help in developing improved employee practices.
  13. Always having a watchful eye can help protect sensitive information relating to your business.
  14. Having better business insights can lead to improved practices in every facet of the business.
  15. A visible video surveillance system can reduce incidents of workplace violence.

In the last decade, new technologies have allowed greater connection to and insights about the workplace. S-Tron’s suite of innovative video surveillance products yields critical reporting metrics that provide safety, security, and marketing data in one solution. If you are interested in custom solutions, please call S-Tron today.

CCTV is Better than Batman in QSR Security

No offense to the Caped Crusader, but when it comes to crime prevention in fast food restaurants, nothing holds a candle to the power of video surveillance and CCTV. Fast food restaurants face some unique challenges that make them a target for crime and require having an all seeing set of eyes watching at all times, and even the Dark Knight can’t do that.

Fast Food Security Challenges are Unique

There are several things that make fast food chains highly susceptible to crime. Unlike most businesses, fast food chains generally have a younger set of employees less concerned about safety, a higher turnover rate, a constant flow of customers diverting attention, and cash on hand. All of these things are very attractive to criminals looking for an easy target.

Benefits of Monitored Fast Food Chain Surveillance

A professionally installed and monitored video surveillance and CCTV can help keep your customers, employees, building, and business safe. Here’s how.

  • Theft Prevention- Overtly and strategically placed video surveillance systems have been shown to reduce theft. Cameras placed in the backend or at point of sale can reduce employee theft as well as outside theft.
  • Protection- cameras and cctv also helps protect your employees and customers from violent crime. Those considering perpetrating a violent crime are much less likely to carry out a crime if there is a threat of being identified and caught.
  • Reduces Incidents of Vandalism- Vandalism is common and costly. With cameras placed prominently around the property, vandals will be caught if they attempt to harm your building.
  • Quality Control- With cameras in place, business owners can ensure that employees meet all codes and standards.
  • Maintain Customer Service- Employers can view the daily working of the business remotely to get a better idea of how they perform in customer service.
  • Prevent Loitering- Outdoor cameras deter loitering which ultimately deters crime.
  • Gives a view of Customers- video surveillance cameras placed at doors and at the drive-through can provide a clear view of every customer.

Because Batman can’t be everywhere at once, there is S-Tron. S-Tron is a premier provider of electronic security for regional retail and hospitality companies and QSR’s nationwide.

CCTV & Public Safety: What The Orlando Tragedy Teaches Us

The Orlando active shooting incident is now the deadliest in US history, and again has left a nation raw and wondering what can be done. Now, after the vigils and after the heart wrenching funerals, our hearts here are still with the people of Orlando after the horrific nightclub shooting. Such pain should never have to be known. Such acts should never happen.

The Number of Incidents is Rising

Unfortunately, violence perpetrated by active shooters is not only a part of our society, it is on the rise and has increased significantly over the last ten years. According to a study by the Department of Homeland Security, between 2000-2013, 160 active shooter incidents occurred, resulting in 1,043 casualties.

Public Spaces Are Not Sacred

The days of thinking you are relatively safe in public spaces are gone. About 70% of active shooting incidents occurred within businesses, malls, and schools, while 83% of all incidents occurred indoors. There is no such thing as low risk public spaces.

Business Owners Need to Be Proactive

It takes law enforcement an average 14 minutes to respond to an active shooter. Most active shooting incidents are over within 7 minutes. The best and safest way to handle an active shooting incident is by preventing it from happening in the first place. Security measures are often classified along the five steps of the security continuum: Deter, Detect, Delay, Respond, and Recover. CCTV can play an important role, especially in the first few critical steps before harm occurs. In an active shooter situation if we wait until the response step (typically when law enforcement responds to a 911 call), there will likely already be a loss of life. This makes detecting and deterring an active shooter a high priority.

CCTV and Video Surveillance Play an Important Role

Video Surveillance and CCTV can play an important role in the event of an active shooter for retail stores and restaurants. A comprehensive surveillance system can provide an early view of suspicious activity which in turn can provide enough time to alert authorities. Video footage can also provide valuable information about the whereabouts of potentially dangerous individuals allowing law enforcement to act quickly and precisely, focusing efforts in the most advantageous way. Surveillance video can also play a role in rescue, showing what areas are clear of the threat so emergency personnel can enter.

At S-Tron, we understand that electronic security is about much more than loss prevention. We realize the responsibility commercial facilities and public businesses face, and we are here to help you meet those challenges.

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