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The grocery market is extremely competitive and margins are very slim. The high cost of doing business, coupled with theft, shoplifting and employee indiscretions, can make or break the grocery operator. Every part of the business needs sharp security and accountability, to keep profits up and losses down.

These challenges and others can be addressed with S-TRON’s integrated technology solutions. Managed access control handles backroom inventory areas securely and effectively. Integrated with video, store managers are sent clips of any compromised areas; employees trying to gain access or allowing unauthorized parties to enter. Motion and occupancy sensors, also integrated to the total solution, can keep HVAC costs contained and lower temperatures and lighting in rest rooms or employee areas or the entire store during off hours. Data obtained from all systems and services can be gleaned to tell a story and direct management efforts to specific areas requiring loss prevention controls.

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Stop Scanner Fraud

Examples of employee-caused shrink include:

  • Barcode scan not registering
  • Unauthorized discounts by an employee to friends and customers
  • Making up fraudulent returns
  • Fraudulent manual entering of making a no-sale in which the cashier opens the drawer without registering a sale and pocketing the cash.

Installing the ScanCam device will have an immediate effect on the scanning behavior for employees, which will improve efficiency and honesty. ScanCam is a proven to solution, significantly reducing the time to review and confirm positive bar code scans on video.

Who Are Your Best Checkers or Worst Cheaters?

Business intelligence analytics put you in control. Stop:

  • Loss of inventory
  • Employee theft & grazing
  • Shoplifting

Integrated video surveillance tied to access control, motion sensors and smart devices puts you back in the game. Back door triggers thwart warehouse thefts and keep inventory in check, while temperature alerts provide instant data to store management in real-time – delivered via smartphone or text message and with video clips – for critical temperature monitoring in walk-in coolers or freezers.

For the latest advanced video analytics, S-TRON’s CCTV designers have more than 138 years of industry experience and keep up to date on proven products and technology and current with new and existing manufacturer and industry certifications.

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