Video Monitoring

How Remote Video Monitoring Works

Looking for a cloud-based video monitoring solution? OpenEye Web Services (OWS) is the future of video surveillance and offers some incredible features. This surveillance security platform not only offers users access to real-time alerts and video anytime, no matter where you are, it’s also reliable and cyber secure. OWS provides business owners and security administrators with actionable information about events that could impact the profitability and security of their companies.

Features and Benefits of OpenEye

OpenEye remote administration has many excellent features and benefits such as:

  • Health Monitoring Service– Health monitoring proactively watches your surveillance system and notifies you of potential issues and critical problems such as network outages, camera failure, or hard drive failure. It reduces system downtime.
  • Remote User Management– Manage users online by creating role-based groups. Make updates to hundreds of users and create user groups quickly with just a few clicks.
  • Implement Permission Changes Immediately– Removing or adding user permissions is simple and takes effect instantly for remote clients and across all recorders. There’s no need for additional follow up.
  • Single Logon for Everyone– All users on the system can access client applications and local devices with a single sign-on, which is your email address and password.
  • Settings and Profiles are the Same No Matter What Device You Use– Camera layouts and customized views on your account are saved in the web client or Command Station. This feature enables you to see the same view no matter what device you sign into your account on.
  • Share Video with Law Enforcement of Employees Online– Easily share videos that you export to the cloud with coworkers or authorities using a password protected link.

Remote Video Monitoring Saves You Money and Time

There’s no need to use open inbound ports or VPN access to configure cameras and recorders. Use the Command Station or Apex web client remotely for configuration. OpenEye includes integrated support tools for remote troubleshooting, helping you manage all your video surveillance remotely. Apex powered recorders make it easy for clients to connect without port forwarding.

Automate all of your software updates, so you’re notified when they’re available. Initiate all updates with a single click. OWS is an efficient and powerful system to use for managing your video surveillance.


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