Practical LP Tips To Keep Your Business from Becoming a Statistic

If you own a business, you know that theft is a serious threat, from both outside and within. But being aware of the intricacies of the problem can help you combat it with wise choices in security technologies and reduce your risk of becoming a statistic.

Valuable Statistics About Outside Threats

The FBI crime statistics report that a business in the United States is burglarized every 12 seconds. Those thefts combined result in more than $3.1 billion in property and personal loss. Those crimes didn’t just happen. They came about as a result of planning on the part of the criminal, and opportunities provided by the victim.
Here are some important facts about how burglars make entry into businesses.

  • Six in 10 burglaries involve forcible entry.
  • One third were unlawful entries.
  • Just over six percent were attempted forcible entries.
  • The primary ways burglars gain entry were through open doors and windows or forcible entry through doors and windows.
  • Only one in eight burglars report picking locks or using an acquired key to gain entry.
  • Most commercial burglaries happen at night, weekends and on holidays when the business is closed.

Here are some important insights about employee theft:

  • More than six in 10 businesses have been victims of employee theft.
  • Over 40% of thefts involving employees are of money, ranging from $5 to $2 million dollars.
  • The average amount stolen is $20,000, which is a devastating loss to most businesses.
  • Around two in 10 thefts involved products sold by the business, most were of materials that go into making final products.
  • Six percent were of office supplies.

What Can You Do to Protect Yourself?

No business has to remain vulnerable. Here are some important ways you can reduce the chances of becoming a crime statistic.

  • Conduct thorough background checks on all employees.
  • Install access control systems and grant access to only those areas necessary to perform the duties of the job.
  • Use security cameras in places of vulnerability such as stockrooms and point of sale.
  • Do not keep excess cash on the property. Make bank deposits daily.
  • Close and lock doors to areas where valuable products or supplies are kept.
  • Use fencing and locked gated to protect equipment.
  • Keep all areas of the property well-lit.
  • Cover all areas of the property with video surveillance.

If you own a business, you know how seriously theft can impact your bottom line. S-TRON helps keep businesses from becoming a crime statistic with highly technical electronic security solutions. For more information, call S-TRON today.

Tina Dunn
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