Deter Frivolous Lawsuits & Increase Production

The hospitality and restaurant industry is burgeoning, but not without pain points and ongoing management challenges. These establishments not only have to combat theft, shrink, and loss, but also adhere to strict rules and regulations for safe food preparation and service area compliance. They need to ensure the well-being of both employees and guests, providing safe operations that address and eradicate liability claims, such as those that occur from slip and falls or contaminated food. S-TRON systems help you prevent:

  • Violations in safe food handling & processing
  • Liquor over pours
  • Freebies & food theft
  • Potential identity compromise
  • Slip & fall and other liabilities

S-TRON provides the integrated, custom-tailored system that meets the need of your restaurant brand, keeping it healthy and profitable.

Comprehensive Security & Loss Prevention

S-TRON understands the needs of the hospitality and restaurant market, and delivers the solutions that will alleviate possible problems and deal with ongoing challenges. S-TRON deploys a variety of tools and technologies to target problem areas so managers can quickly devise ongoing plans and processes to alleviate chronic problems and bring new profitability back to the store. Solutions ensure transaction integrity and lower food costs by reducing shrinkage and validating portion control, better managing waste.

Integrated Video Surveillance

Video tied to service areas not only enhances guest service, but provides a safe environment for employees and improves training. Locations can be managed remotely by choice of connected device, including smartphone apps. With intelligent CCTV, managers can monitor the cleanliness of restaurant preparation areas, guest seating locations and even the exterior of the restaurant with ‘eyes on’ video surveillance.

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