Retail Security Solutions: A Laser Focus on Safety

Retail establishments have become a target of violence like never before, and businesses are responding with increasing levels of security solutions. In order to adapt to the changing security climate, theses methods must involve a laser focus on the integration of the most appropriate security solutions, advanced technologies, and unparalleled customer service.

The Changing Face of Retail Security

In the retail and commercial sector, security solutions were once primarily about curbing loss.

Today retail security must balance solutions focused on retail needs along with a strong emphasis on ensuring the highest levels of safety for its customers and staff.

This difficult task includes these considerations:

  • Allowing access to some areas while restricting access to others
  • Managing open access
  • Monitoring customers and guests
  • Overt and covert surveillance
  • The ability to lock down the establishment

Site and Establishment Specific Needs

There is no one-size-fits-all security solution, and there shouldn’t be. Each facility and business has a set of needs completely unique to them, though they may have some traits in common. For example, quick-service retail — from fast food to convenience stores — generally have two things in common: easy access and lots of cash. That makes them a prime target for theft and robbery, from both external and internal threats.

Advanced Technologies Meeting the Need

Retail owners have the huge job of balancing the needs of running a business while meeting security demands and the growing trend toward violence in the marketplace. Fortunately, today’s security technologies are able to meet the need. Technologies like access control, video surveillance, perimeter controls, and asset management systems all work toward better control, for their specific needs.

Whether it is a restaurant, grocery store or convenience store, S-TRON understands the complex security needs of the commercial and retail environment. We believe that every establishment needs a site specific security solution to meet that facility’s very unique security needs. It is essential that retail establishments have a security system that not only integrates advanced technologies, but also prioritizes vulnerabilities.

S-TRON delivers the solutions that will alleviate possible problems and deal with ongoing challenges. Visit our website today to start a free trial and discover the S-TRON difference for your retail operation.


Tina Dunn
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