Leverage Data to Target Loss Prevention, Drive Sales

S-TRON specializes in retail loss prevention and commercial solutions, keeping current on new trends and challenges in this vertical market so we can address your specialized needs with individualized solutions. Our data driven systems give you:

  • Instant, real-time employee accountability
  • Seamless security
  • Who’s buying what, and when

Retail losses continue to climb across the country, and a recent survey of retail fraud trends in North America revealed that theft of cash from U.S. retailers soared some 20 percent from previous years.

S-TRON security systems will help curb and stop loss prevention for your organization.

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Stop Scanner Fraud

Examples of employee-caused shrink include:

  • Barcode scan not registering
  • Unauthorized discounts by an employee to friends and customers
  • Making up fraudulent returns
  • And fraudulent manual entering of making a no-sale in which the cashier opens the drawer without registering a sale and pocketing the cash.

Installing the ScanCam device will have an immediate effect on the scanning behavior for employees, which will improve efficiency and honesty. ScanCam is a proven to solution, significantly reducing the time to review and confirm positive bar code scans on video.

Stop Loss & Add Profitability

S-TRON delivers targeted solutions that help your operation stop:

  • Sweet-hearting
  • Scam scanning
  • Shoplifting
  • Theft from warehouse delivery methods
  • Even smash & grabs and automobile plowing!

Using video surveillance tied to exception reporting and POS integration, we help keep profitability where it belongs, with your business. For example, video is being integrated with POS terminals to provide notice of exceptions, associated with camera views and time/date stamps so retailers know which employees are discounting merchandise, pilfering product, or doing friends a favor by offering unauthorized discounts and more. Analytics can be used to find out dwell times or where customers are staying the longest at display aisles, or simply, when more cashiers are needed. Powerful video search capabilities and real-time alerts bring data to life and track day-to-day performance.

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