S-TRON Security Earns 10-Year DMP Dealer Award

Digital Monitoring Products (DMP), one of our valuable manufacturing partners with whom we have a dealer direct relationship, has honored us with a 10-year dealer award. Our relationship with this manufacturer goes back to 2001, Becoming a Direct Dealer in 2008, and we love their incredible, American-made electronic security products.

DMP makes commercial-grade Intrusion, Access and Automation systems designed to provide the highest level of protection to properties of all types. This is to the distinct advantage of our customers in the retail, restaurant and grocery industries. We are proud to trust the security of our customers to these outstanding monitoring products, and honored to receive this recognition.

To discuss DMP products or any commercial security solutions, contact S-TRON Security today. We look forward to finding out how we can help you.

About S-TRON Security

Established in 1995 and headquartered in Melville, New York, S-TRON Security has served thousands of retail locations across the country with best in class equipment installations and ongoing service, maintenance and support. Our proven, time-tested process for delivery, installation and support saves our customers time, money and hassle. To discuss commercial security solutions for retail, restaurant or grocery facilities, call us at (877) 208-4039.

Tina Dunn
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