Is Security Technology Worth the Investment?

It is a question many restaurants and retail, grocery, and convenience stores face immediately. Is retail security technology really worth the investment? While the answer may seem obvious, with budgets stressed to the limit it is a question many owners have to consider carefully.

Undoubtedly, electronic security is a valuable tool, but is it one that actually pays off? The answer is yes. The restaurants, retail, grocery, and c-store industries face billions of dollars in losses each year to employee theft and shoplifting alone and electronic security provides numerous long-term, cost-effective solutions to reduce shrinkage and maximize profits.

Shoplifting is Not a Small Crime

If you are debating the value of security cameras and CCTV, one jaw dropping fact is probably enough to convince you—

  • The National Association for Shoplifting Prevention estimates that over $13 billion worth of goods are shoplifted from retail stores each year. That is about $35 million in losses daily.

So why do security cameras and CCTV play an important role in prevention and apprehension? A visible security system is always a deterrence as thieves do not want to get caught. Veteran shoplifters are so experienced that they often elude the attention of loss prevention security, but they cannot elude being caught on camera. This is important when it is time to have proof.

Employee Theft. We don’t Want to Believe it but it’s True

Even when the employees have passed exhaustive background checks and interviews, it is still important to have security cameras to serve as theft prevention. In the event you suspect employee theft, having video proof can help you rule out suspects.

There is No Love in Sweethearting

Sweethearting, or giving friends and family discounted or free items can be very difficult to catch as employees learn ways to be very discrete ways to commit the crime. But when employees give unauthorized discounts or fail to scan items, it costs you money. Video can give you a bird’s eye view of point of sale so you can spot trouble in the act.

Some Flash Mobs are Not Inspirational

Flash mob theft is a relatively new tactic but is becoming a major problem, particularly in larger cities. During a flash mob theft, a large group of people, usually young adults or adolescents, raid a store all at once, some screaming and threatening, others breaking and throwing objects, and still more stealing products. While it is never advisable to intervene in a life-threatening situation, having video footage of the event can be helpful to law enforcement in apprehension and conviction of the perpetrators.

Don’t Forget Organized Crime

Yes, large underground shoplifting rings are active all across the US. The perpetrators are so skilled that store owners, management or employees may not even notice until they see empty shelves, but security cameras capture all the action and give law enforcement a chance to identify the thieves.

Your security is a big deal and worth the modest investment. If you have any questions about security for restaurants, retail and grocery stores, give S-Tron a call. S-Tron is a national security systems integrator with local, professional service and installation.

Tina Dunn
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