Selecting the Right Restaurant Security System Doesn’t Have to be Hard

If there is one thing that is nearly the same across all restaurants, it is that selecting the right security system is a lot more complex than they had anticipated. But, with the right information and careful consideration, your security system can be perfectly fit to meet the needs of your business.

Ground Up Considerations

If you are building a restaurant from the ground up, you have some unique opportunities to plan ahead for your security system and its needs. Include your security system company in on the design stage so your contractor knows to allow access for additional wiring for your system. You can also make plans in your design for optimal camera placement, even prior to the interior design stage.

Your Concept Has Unique Needs

Knowing how criminals perceive your concept can help you and your security company meet your needs. High-volume bars and restaurants are perceived to be easy targets at closing time, and are desirable targets because they usually have fewer windows and less visibility. However, fast food restaurants, while having more windows, are believed to have more cash than full-service restaurants which tend to have more credit card sales. These factors play a part in the number and placement of cameras.

Size and Layout Matter, Too

The more area there is to cover, the more your security needs increase. Talk to your security company about how the space will be divided and used, what exits are for the public versus ones used by staff, and any design features that may obstruct view from different parts of the establishment.

How Many Registers or Checkout Areas Will You Have?

The greater number of registers your establishment has the greater opportunity for loss. The number and placement of cameras can greatly decrease the incidence of fraud and theft.

Prep and Storage Areas

Video surveillance, as well as other security technologies, are essential in food prep and storage areas to ensure proper food handling as well as reduce shrinkage.

Deliveries, Vendors, and Service Providers

Every restaurant deals with providing access to deliveries and outside services such as janitorial, maintenance, and pest control. Areas of access all need to be covered by security cameras. If deliveries happen at off hours, there may also be a need to view the feed remotely.

Type and Location of Building

Your cctv and video surveillance technician will factor in many elements when suggesting what would be most suited to your building. The amount of lighting, whether the building is free-standing, multi-level, or in a strip mall will all play an important role in the types of equipment that will be used.

S-TRON understands the needs of the hospitality and restaurant market and delivers solutions that will alleviate ongoing challenges. Intelligent CCTV increases safety, protects profitability, and provides managers and owners greater oversight while protecting the vision they have for the business. Have questions? Call us. We are happy to provide the information you need.

Tina Dunn
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