Critical Reasons Your Retail Business Needs End-to-End Security

A recent industry study noted that most businesses (nearly 60%) monitor less than half of their valuable assets with video surveillance systems. This statistic does not include how many businesses thoroughly and effectively safeguard other aspects of the business, such as POI, entrances, and exits, or the overall business. This means that critical aspects of most businesses are left under or unprotected.

How Businesses Fail

In addition to under-utilizing security cameras and CCTV, responders to the survey reveal another problem—a failure to utilize analytics. Fewer than half actively monitor footage or use it to gain important business insights. The majority of users only store the footage and review it if a crime is suspected. Additionally, businesses fail to upkeep and upgrade security equipment frequently enough, resulting in incompatible technologies and low-quality images, among other issues.

Sharp Images Matter

Just having a video surveillance system is not good enough. The system must be able to provide quality images to be of ultimate advantage. Sharp images are necessary for identifying crime and those who commit them as well as in gaining important business insights that can help improve things like customer service and profitability.

Analytics Are Priceless

When most think of video surveillance and CCTV, they think of it in relation to deterring or spotting crime. However, these systems can also provide incredible insights on how the business works, or doesn’t. By tapping into that information, a business owner can spot issues in productivity, quality control, or traffic flow.

End-to-end Solutions Improve Security

Even better than security cameras and CCTV alone, when paired with intrusion detection and access control systems security and other advantages are multiplied exponentially. Together, problems are identified sooner and an emergency response initiated much more quickly.

Better Solutions Put Time on Your Side

Surveillance, security, and access control integrated systems put time on your side. While surveillance systems can spot someone committing a crime or in a restricted area, it still takes someone to see it to initiate a response. When paired with access control, you can be alerted to activity and initiate a response immediately.

End-to-end Solutions Improve the Cost Model for Security

Investing in security is important and businesses want to get the most out of their system as possible. Having and end-to-end solution makes that possible.  For example, having quality cameras means you can cover more area effectively which allows you to delegate funds toward access control solutions. Together these reduce loss more significantly than one or the other alone.

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Is Security Technology Worth the Investment?

It is a question many restaurants and retail, grocery, and convenience stores face immediately. Is retail security technology really worth the investment? While the answer may seem obvious, with budgets stressed to the limit it is a question many owners have to consider carefully.

Undoubtedly, electronic security is a valuable tool, but is it one that actually pays off? The answer is yes. The restaurants, retail, grocery, and c-store industries face billions of dollars in losses each year to employee theft and shoplifting alone and electronic security provides numerous long-term, cost-effective solutions to reduce shrinkage and maximize profits.

Shoplifting is Not a Small Crime

If you are debating the value of security cameras and CCTV, one jaw dropping fact is probably enough to convince you—

  • The National Association for Shoplifting Prevention estimates that over $13 billion worth of goods are shoplifted from retail stores each year. That is about $35 million in losses daily.

So why do security cameras and CCTV play an important role in prevention and apprehension? A visible security system is always a deterrence as thieves do not want to get caught. Veteran shoplifters are so experienced that they often elude the attention of loss prevention security, but they cannot elude being caught on camera. This is important when it is time to have proof.

Employee Theft. We don’t Want to Believe it but it’s True

Even when the employees have passed exhaustive background checks and interviews, it is still important to have security cameras to serve as theft prevention. In the event you suspect employee theft, having video proof can help you rule out suspects.

There is No Love in Sweethearting

Sweethearting, or giving friends and family discounted or free items can be very difficult to catch as employees learn ways to be very discrete ways to commit the crime. But when employees give unauthorized discounts or fail to scan items, it costs you money. Video can give you a bird’s eye view of point of sale so you can spot trouble in the act.

Some Flash Mobs are Not Inspirational

Flash mob theft is a relatively new tactic but is becoming a major problem, particularly in larger cities. During a flash mob theft, a large group of people, usually young adults or adolescents, raid a store all at once, some screaming and threatening, others breaking and throwing objects, and still more stealing products. While it is never advisable to intervene in a life-threatening situation, having video footage of the event can be helpful to law enforcement in apprehension and conviction of the perpetrators.

Don’t Forget Organized Crime

Yes, large underground shoplifting rings are active all across the US. The perpetrators are so skilled that store owners, management or employees may not even notice until they see empty shelves, but security cameras capture all the action and give law enforcement a chance to identify the thieves.

Your security is a big deal and worth the modest investment. If you have any questions about security for restaurants, retail and grocery stores, give S-Tron a call. S-Tron is a national security systems integrator with local, professional service and installation.

Why Your Business Should Not Settle for One-Size-Fits-All Security

Every business is vulnerable to crime, but not every business is vulnerable in the same way. This is a huge concern for business owners, and often discovered after experiencing theft or other crime events. As a business owner, we understand your time is pressed from all sides and we want to honor that by providing the specific security information you need as concisely as possible, especially when providing information about the risks of one-size-fits-all security.

The Stats

Every business is vulnerable to crime, and one of the top crimes is theft. In 2013, there was an estimated 345,031 robberies nationwide. Most of those incidents involved forced entry. While that statistic is a stark picture of business vulnerability, it is also very general in nature. Each of those crimes was unique and faced by different industries with different needs and vulnerabilities.

Unique Risks

Every business faces unique risks based on such things as location, building size, daily activities, number of employees, and type of industry. The daily operation of your business also presents unique risks such as losing cash or theft of inventory, and involve threats from both inside and outside the business. For example, a restaurant may face significant point of sale loss, while a grocery store might be particularly vulnerable to inventory loss. Convenience stores may have increased safety needs.

Owners Also Have Unique Needs

Owners of multiple businesses may need remote monitoring to keep an eye on things while on the go, while an owner of a single convenience store may need to be able to see the exterior as well as inside the property. The business may also need levels of access to help control products or information.

Seek Specific Solutions

All of the many facets of your business add up to a very specific and complex security picture that cannot be addressed well unless they are addressed specifically and individually. To do this, you must find professionals who are expert at identifying your risks and highly knowledgeable about the vast amount of technical solutions.

Every business has varying security needs as well as clear security risks. S-Tron is an electronic security integrator for national and regional retail and hospitality companies and specializes in meeting the needs of the industry with systems that meet each need individually, and precisely. If you have any questions about security solutions, please call us today.