Is Mobile Security Management a Necessity? 6 Reasons Why You Need It.

One of the top concerns of a business owner is keeping the business safe. As important as this is, it is a tough task and heavy burden when trying to manage this and all of the other needs of the business at the same time. It is even more difficult if you have multiple locations.

For any business owner, having integrated Mobile Security Management can help balance the obligations. Rather than “one more thing” to have to think about, it is an easy application that allows you to access your security system from anywhere, anytime. But how do you know you need it? Here are six reasons it can take a load off your shoulders.

You Spend Time Away from Work

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, spending time away from work can create some problems in managing security and operations. This is one reason so many business owners are so reluctant to be away from the business even for a day. Mobile Security management solves the problems by allowing owners to set up text alerts and emails and receive them directly to a smartphone. Not only are you the first to know if something goes wrong, you can act by arming or disarming the system or changing administration codes on the go, remotely.

You Want to Avoid Opens or Early Closes

If you are away from your business, it is hard to know if your employees are adhering to business hours. Shorting hours is a problem that can seriously bite in to profitability but one that is easily solved with Mobile Security Management. It allows users to monitor site activity 24/7 vis alerts so that you always know that employees follow the proper schedules.

Receiving Packages and Product Delivers or Schedule Maintenance After Hours

Providing access codes is always a risky proposition and scheduling an employee after hours creates a whole host of problems. By using the mobile application, you can disarm the security system as needed and arm it again once the delivery is complete or maintenance job finished with just the touch of a button.

You Have Multiple Locations or Plan to Expand

As a business owner, you wear many hats and your time is stretched to the limits. This may make you wonder if managing the security of multiple sites is even a possibility. Mobile Security Management makes it makes it easy to interact with multiple sites, cutting down your work and worries.

You Would Like to Know What is Going on While You Are Away

It is a natural and predictable reaction—people perform better when there is the possibility of being watched. Mobile security provides this advantage through alerts and video clips. Additionally, having the ability to see what goes on in your absence can help you improve productivity and customer service in addition to streamlining your security.

You’d Like a Better Balance Between work and Life

Work is an important part of your life, but it is not your whole life. Even if work requires your attention 24/7, you can still use the management tools to transform your time away. With Mobile Security Management, you can stay completely informed without sacrificing down time.

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7 Ways to Maximize Your Security Investment

As a business owner, you have done all the right and practical things to protect your business like keeping the grounds well-lit, and keeping landscaping simple, cut back, and low to the ground. You have also invested in a security system with features such as intrusion detection, access control and video surveillance that help keep your employees and customers safe.

Security systems are a necessary and worthwhile investment, but did you know that your security equipment can do much more than provide protection?  This same equipment can give you a competitive edge and improve your business.

Security is Your New Superpower

Security systems aren’t just for security any more. That same system can be one of the most powerful tools you have in mitigating risks, reducing cost, and improving productivity and customer service. Here are just a few of the nearly endless ways you can maximize your security system investment.

  • False liability claims are one of the costliest problems a business can encounter. A quick review of your high definition recorded video can help to quickly alleviate or reject those costly claims, and keep the swindlers out of your profits.
  • You can also use your security system to gain marketing insights by remotely viewing how customers react to product placement, in-store marketing, and store-layout. Gaining this insight lets you make swift adjustments to help increase your sales and profits.
  • Rather than be over or under staffed, know the ebb and flow of each day in the month and schedule accordingly.
  • Remote video surveillance can also provide insight about where employees need more training. Proper training can help reduce loss, costs, and injuries.
  • Another valuable way to use your security systems is to ensure excellent customer service. One bad experience can send a customer to the business down the street—for good.
  • Great security can also prove you are in compliance with federal, state, and local laws showing that your employees are performing critical duties as they should.
  • Video surveillance can also provide insight on what employees do when business is slow, such as find a job to do or hop on their cell phone.

Stretching Your Investment

Improving security was probably your main objective in choosing your security system. But the money you spent to protect your business, employees and customers can serve other important non-security needs that can maximize that investment and make your business as profitable and competitive as possible. The great news is that it does not take anything more than you already have to provide huge additional advantage!

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