Reduce Your Vulnerability with Retail Intrusion Detection Systems

Keeping all aspects of your business secure is your number one priority, and one of the best ways to help achieve that goal is by using a comprehensive intrusion detection system. Intrusion detection can alert you to break-ins, glass breaks, and the presence of someone in unauthorized areas, among many other capabilities.

Real time intrusion detection systems aim to detect a security breaches, but they can also provide additional valuable information. Consisting of elements such as mobile duress pendant transmitters, universal transmitters, motion detectors, and environmental sensors, these systems provide protection while also adding a layer of knowledge of the daily working of the business.

Protection From Outside Threats

Today, every business needs to consider the most effective ways to protect its employees and its assets. Including intrusion detection in your security system can help do just that. Elements such as perimeter protection and glass break sensors can immediately alert you any unlawful entry.

Reduce Inside Threats

If you have areas within your facility that should be secured, occupancy sensors can help pinpoint and alert you to unsecured activities and identify areas of vulnerability. This can help reduce shrinkage as well as keep employees safe.

Improved Employee and Customer Safety

Employees can help protect themselves and your customers by wearing panic buttons. In the case of an intruder or other threat, the user can push the panic button to alert owners and authorities that there is trouble, decreasing the amount of time it takes to deploy help.

Industry Specific Tools

Detection technologies are available for a wide range of industries, including restaurants, grocery stores, and c-stores. Passive infrared, ultrasonic, microwave and dual devices can be combined with sensing capabilities to boost detection rates.  Advanced wireless technology is a great alternative for buildings where drilling is not possible or cost-effective.

From the installation of a single transmitter to thousands of devices across a large campus or facility, S-Tron has you covered.

S-TRON is a electronic security integrator for national and regional retail and hospitality companies. 

Established in 1995 and headquartered in Melville, NY, we have served thousands of retail locations across the country with best in class equipment installations and ongoing service, maintenance, and support. Our brand promise: “Service Excellence”. To give your business an edge with the latest security technologies, call S-Tron for more information.


Practical LP Tips To Keep Your Business from Becoming a Statistic

If you own a business, you know that theft is a serious threat, from both outside and within. But being aware of the intricacies of the problem can help you combat it with wise choices in security technologies and reduce your risk of becoming a statistic.

Valuable Statistics About Outside Threats

The FBI crime statistics report that a business in the United States is burglarized every 12 seconds. Those thefts combined result in more than $3.1 billion in property and personal loss. Those crimes didn’t just happen. They came about as a result of planning on the part of the criminal, and opportunities provided by the victim.
Here are some important facts about how burglars make entry into businesses.

  • Six in 10 burglaries involve forcible entry.
  • One third were unlawful entries.
  • Just over six percent were attempted forcible entries.
  • The primary ways burglars gain entry were through open doors and windows or forcible entry through doors and windows.
  • Only one in eight burglars report picking locks or using an acquired key to gain entry.
  • Most commercial burglaries happen at night, weekends and on holidays when the business is closed.

Here are some important insights about employee theft:

  • More than six in 10 businesses have been victims of employee theft.
  • Over 40% of thefts involving employees are of money, ranging from $5 to $2 million dollars.
  • The average amount stolen is $20,000, which is a devastating loss to most businesses.
  • Around two in 10 thefts involved products sold by the business, most were of materials that go into making final products.
  • Six percent were of office supplies.

What Can You Do to Protect Yourself?

No business has to remain vulnerable. Here are some important ways you can reduce the chances of becoming a crime statistic.

  • Conduct thorough background checks on all employees.
  • Install access control systems and grant access to only those areas necessary to perform the duties of the job.
  • Use security cameras in places of vulnerability such as stockrooms and point of sale.
  • Do not keep excess cash on the property. Make bank deposits daily.
  • Close and lock doors to areas where valuable products or supplies are kept.
  • Use fencing and locked gated to protect equipment.
  • Keep all areas of the property well-lit.
  • Cover all areas of the property with video surveillance.

If you own a business, you know how seriously theft can impact your bottom line. S-TRON helps keep businesses from becoming a crime statistic with highly technical electronic security solutions. For more information, call S-TRON today.

7 Ways to Maximize Your Security Investment

As a business owner, you have done all the right and practical things to protect your business like keeping the grounds well-lit, and keeping landscaping simple, cut back, and low to the ground. You have also invested in a security system with features such as intrusion detection, access control and video surveillance that help keep your employees and customers safe.

Security systems are a necessary and worthwhile investment, but did you know that your security equipment can do much more than provide protection?  This same equipment can give you a competitive edge and improve your business.

Security is Your New Superpower

Security systems aren’t just for security any more. That same system can be one of the most powerful tools you have in mitigating risks, reducing cost, and improving productivity and customer service. Here are just a few of the nearly endless ways you can maximize your security system investment.

  • False liability claims are one of the costliest problems a business can encounter. A quick review of your high definition recorded video can help to quickly alleviate or reject those costly claims, and keep the swindlers out of your profits.
  • You can also use your security system to gain marketing insights by remotely viewing how customers react to product placement, in-store marketing, and store-layout. Gaining this insight lets you make swift adjustments to help increase your sales and profits.
  • Rather than be over or under staffed, know the ebb and flow of each day in the month and schedule accordingly.
  • Remote video surveillance can also provide insight about where employees need more training. Proper training can help reduce loss, costs, and injuries.
  • Another valuable way to use your security systems is to ensure excellent customer service. One bad experience can send a customer to the business down the street—for good.
  • Great security can also prove you are in compliance with federal, state, and local laws showing that your employees are performing critical duties as they should.
  • Video surveillance can also provide insight on what employees do when business is slow, such as find a job to do or hop on their cell phone.

Stretching Your Investment

Improving security was probably your main objective in choosing your security system. But the money you spent to protect your business, employees and customers can serve other important non-security needs that can maximize that investment and make your business as profitable and competitive as possible. The great news is that it does not take anything more than you already have to provide huge additional advantage!

S-TRON is an electronic security integrator serving regional and national retail and hospitality companies. S-TRON delivers real solutions that help alleviate the real world problems and challenges these industries face.