7 Reasons Why Mobile Apps Add Power to CCTV Systems

There is no question that CCTV systems are a huge advantage to retail, restaurants, and store security. Video surveillance and CCTV systems deter crime by increasing the risk factor for would be perpetrators, increase productivity and customer service as well as many other benefits. And all of those advantages are enhanced when you add the power of a mobile app to the system.

Mobile App for CCTV Systems Increase Convenience

When it comes to your video surveillance and CCTV system, adding convenience doesn’t just mean making things simpler or faster. It means the ability to use your system to its fullest capacity.

Mobile Apps Increase Your Access Capabilities

One of the reasons you have a surveillance system is so that you can see what is going on in your business. With a mobile app, you can access the video feed from your mobile device anytime, from anywhere.

Your Mobile App Becomes a Hub of Information

Using a mobile app allows video surveillance system users or owners to use the application as a hub of information. Mobile apps provided access to all of the video information in one place and can be integrated with other security system information.

Users Have the Information with Them at All Times

Mangers, security guards, managers, and anyone needing the information can access lie video across the application anytime, anywhere without having to go to a physical central location to view video. This increases their ability to respond to events in a timely manner.

A Constant Eye Helps Decrease Loss

Whether the losses occur from within or without, knowing that the building is secured with CCTV with footage available and easily accessible decreases the likelihood of theft.

Mobile Apps Allow You to be More Than One Place at Once

Managing a facility of any size can be difficult and keeping an eye on all of the critical areas at once impossible. A mobile app allows the user to be in all of those places at once, regardless of whether they are on the premises or not.

Utilizing a Mobile App Increases Safety and Response Times

Having the ability to view video remotely means that owners can see, evaluate and the respond to a situation within moments. In an emergency, any moment saved can be critical to the safety of personnel or visitors or in protecting assets.

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