What Makes S-TRON Different?

Our PROCESS…It’s The Secret To Your Success!

Our Process Delivers What Most Other Integrators Don’t.

Our philosophy is simple: It’s not what we promise, but what we deliver. And it’s not just what we deliver, but how. Our methodical delivery ensures faster installation and fewer headaches through seamless customer service.

Logistics: Product Specific Ordering & Staging

Your projects will not be delayed by receiving the wrong equipment or less than a complete system.

It all starts with your assurance that all product is ordered and received according to specific site information.  Once products are received at our HQ, they are staged by site / system.   This assures that every system arrives at your locations as complete and ready to install.


Pre-Programming allows for quicker, better installations.

The less time an installation technician spends in your environment, the better.  A pre-programmed system allows the technician to plug & play with no need for manuals and endless calls to tech support.  All programming includes recording devices, switches and cameras by IP address or serial number so on-site programming issues are virtually nonexistent.

Bench Testing At Our Headquarters

We try to break your systems before the guys in the brown shorts take them away.

Most integrators see the equipment for the first time when the installer opens the box on your site.  Eliminate the “bad out of the box” excuse.  Each of your devices are assembled as a system in our testing facility and run through numerous tests before receiving quality control approval.  We know that every part and piece of your system is performing at peak levels before it leaves our facilities.

Label All Equipment Per Site Schematic

This just seems too easy.

Since all systems are pre-programmed and bench tested before leaving our facility, it only makes sense that all devices are labeled as to where they are to be installed on your site.  The guess work is removed by matching each specific device to the pre-designed schematic.  Installers don’t have to lay out the system on your site and read the fine print to figure out whether the camera over the Point-of-Sale area receives the dome camera with a 3.6mm or an 8mm lens.  It’s already labeled as “Camera 7” on the box.  Believe it or not, this is not an industry practice, but you’ll receive this type of attention to detail with every S-TRON installed system.

Palletize & Ship

Pelletize: (verb) pal·let·ize ˈpa-lə-ˌtīz:  “To place, stack, or transport (goods) on a pallet or pallets”.

Our goal from start to finish is to make our technicians jobs as easy as possible.  Which in turn, results in higher quality, on-time installations for you.  We won’t leave you hanging because one box hasn’t arrived at the site yet.  Every system shipped from our facility will arrive as a full and complete package ready to be installed.

Now that you know what’s behind the curtain, give us a call and let’s discuss how S-TRON can remove some of your daily stress.