Top Practical Applications for Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance technologies allow business owners to view real-time footage right from their computer or smartphone. Aside from the obvious cool factor, there are some really helpful and practical applications for video surveillance.

Here are the top most practical applications for video surveillance.

More than half of all businesses use video surveillance in the workplace. Here are some of the most beneficial and practical applications of video surveillance in the workplace.

  1. Having video surveillance reduces the incidence of shoplifting.
  2. Internal theft is also reduced when the facility is covered by a video surveillance system.
  3. Employee productivity goes up knowing that the boss can check in at any time.
  4. Employee performance also improves when they know they are under the watchful eye of management.
  5. Customer service is greatly improved when customer points of contact are monitored.
  6. It allows business owners to manage situations from afar.
  7. Video surveillance provides valuable business insights such as flow and linger times.
  8. It prevents POI theft.
  9. Video surveillance helps verify incident of employee injury.
  10. Having video footage is also helpful in verifying accounts of customer injury and establishing the validity of events.
  11. By using video surveillance, you can identify safety hazards in real time, from anywhere, and have them corrected before accident or injuries happen.
  12. Insights gained through monitoring video footage can help in developing improved employee practices.
  13. Always having a watchful eye can help protect sensitive information relating to your business.
  14. Having better business insights can lead to improved practices in every facet of the business.
  15. A visible video surveillance system can reduce incidents of workplace violence.

In the last decade, new technologies have allowed greater connection to and insights about the workplace. S-Tron’s suite of innovative video surveillance products yields critical reporting metrics that provide safety, security, and marketing data in one solution. If you are interested in custom solutions, please call S-Tron today.

Tina Dunn
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