Video Surveillance Solutions

S-TRON’s suite of innovative video surveillance products yield critical reporting metrics that provide security, safety and marketing-data rolled into one comprehensive solution.

  • POS exception reporting
  • Deep integration reveals employee data and inventory
  • Merchandising control
  • Critical metrics like heat mapping, directional analytics, dwell times

S-TRON’s professional installation and service network leverages and delivers proven, best-in-class products for regional and national chains, staying on budget and within project scope while targeting the application.

Access to Top Products & Services

S-TRON, a member of PSA Security Network, has access to nearly 200 manufacturer’s products at deeply discounted prices, passing along equipment savings and new technologies to customers. More importantly, being part of this buying co-op allows us to be more flexible and give you greater options.

S-TRON can satisfy any application: from a four-camera, locally recorded system to an enterprise solution with redundant servers and archived video. Each solution is custom-tailored, with an eye to current requirements as well as future scalability.

Delivering Real-Time Data Metrics

Retailers have direct access, via traditional or mobile devices, to video tied to point-of-sale exception reporting and detailed, tracked information to identify problems with staff, overall operations management or warehouse inventory. These insights traverse loss prevention and provide sales and marketing, operational and customer experience data.

Providing Best In Class Security To Retail Operations Across The USA

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