Vulnerabilities that Ruin Businesses: Protect Your Business from the Top Five

As crime becomes more sophisticated, business owners are faced with some serious considerations when it comes to security. Whether it is a restaurant, retail, grocery or convenience store, all experience the same five top vulnerabilities; and these vulnerabilities have the power to take down any business.
In order to protect your business, consider these top five vulnerabilities.

Burglary and Robbery

A business burglary happens every four minutes somewhere in the United States. Both burglary and robbery put your business, and the lives of your employees and customers in extreme risk.

Employee Theft

Employees steal $50 billion a year from their employers and up to 75% have stolen at least once. One third of all business bankruptcies are a result of employee theft.


It is no secret that con artists are looking to make a fast– and dishonest—buck by claiming they were harmed by your business. Many of them are so exceptional at their craft that proving them wrong is near impossible without the right tools in place.

Fire and Emergencies

Fire and other emergencies have a devastating impact on your business. Some are beyond your control while others are preventable. In either case, being proactive in prevention as well as having a plan of action in case of an event can limit damages and protect lives.


Vandalism may seem like a minor problem but each act of vandalism encourages another. Not only does removing spray paint and fixing windows add up over the long haul, all it takes is someone damaging a critical piece of equipment to cripple a business for days, or even permanently.

Preventing the Big Five

We understand that knowing and understanding your vulnerabilities is not enough. You need practical and strategic solutions you can implement immediately. Here are those solutions.

  • Keep entries and parking lots well-lit so they can be seen from the street.
  • Keep landscaping low to prevent creating places to hide.
  • Use security cameras indoors and outdoors of the property. Security cameras serve as a strong crime deterrence.
  • Install Panic buttons.
  • Use a motion intrusion system.
  • Install deadbolt locks on exterior doors and keep locked when not in use.
  • Use fencing.
  • Use access control systems to and only give access to areas necessary to do the job.
  • Keep security cameras focused on registers, stock rooms, and other critical areas.
  • Use access control to prevent visitors from going in dangerous areas.
  • Discourage loitering outside your business.
  • Monitor food prep areas.
  • Keep recorded video at least 30 days. Consider cloud storage.
  • Have a monitored fire and environmental alarm system.
  • Train employees on emergency procedures.

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Tina Dunn
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